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CableSat for Satellite Services (‘CableSat’) was founded in 2010 as a global submarine & satellite service provider. It has been established with the primary objective to deliver End-To-End Solutions for the telecommunications industry. The focus was to support the high-speed connectivity needs of a diverse area, encompassing on the Middle East while expanding worldwide.
In the past several years several factors have risen which collectively changed the context in which the telecommunications entities in the Middle East have had to manage, adjust, and re-focus.

These include: 
1. The profound increase in overall traffic of all types, domestically and internationally.
2. The unforeseen, dramatic explosion in data requirements driven largely by the vast informational resources provided by the Internet.
3. The expanding success of mobile connectivity.
4. The availability of new technologies such as fiber-optic services, which provide quantity-of-scale increases in capacity and customer offerings.
5. The unhindered increase in the density of telecommunications devices. 

In 2013 CableSat partnered with the profound worldwide submarine cable provider ‘Reliance Global Com’ known currently as Global Cloud Xchange (‘GCX’). This partnership has added a great value to CableSat in extending GCX services in the Kuwait market.
In 2014 Noor Telecom (‘Noortel’), has acquired CableSat to capitalize on this distinct partnership with GCX to achieve its long-term goals. Since then CableSat has worked jointly with GCX and succeeded in raising market share in the Kuwaiti market and the respective worldwide destinations.


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