IP Transit

As the Internet continues to expand, user generated and media rich content is becoming more popular and hosting of content is getting more distributed throughout the globe. ISPs and content providers demand the lowest latency and a minimum number of AS hops between the end users and the content, in order to provide the highest quality of user experience.

Global Cloud Xchange’s IP Transit service is specifically designed to provide a very high
performance, intercontinental as well as regional IP Transit, whether the content is to be
‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ from the Internet, through a single global AS. Typically, our customers are just a single AS hop away from most of the content.

Our IP Transit customers reap the benefits of the world’s most advanced internet delivery
platforms. The service is delivered through Global Cloud Xchange’s Juniper based (carrier-grade routers supporting terabit bandwidth) global MPLS backbone, built using the world’s largest private submarine cable systems spanning more than 67,000 route Km and complemented with purchased capacity on alternate cable systems for improved diversity and reliability.

Global Cloud Xchange’s highly scalable and self healing network connects key business markets across continents using a single Autonomous System (AS15412) to provide a low-latency, low packet loss access to the Internet. Extensive high capacity, geographically diverse direct interconnections with major carriers and content providers, at leading Internet Exchanges,provide congestion-free IP Transit services. We are present closer to the users even in hard-to-reach developing markets.

> Access to the entire Internet routing table through a single Autonomous System 15412
> Bandwidth scalability offering IPT ports from DS3/FE to multiple STM-64/10GigE, in flexible capacity Increments
> Options for Flat-rate (fixed CIR) and Usage Based Billing (with sustained burst capability)
> Usage Based Billing based on the 95th percentile model. Volume and
Term discounts available as applicable
> Optional co-location services at key data centers globally
> Protection against ‘Denial of Service’, SYN attacks etc
> Support for IPv6 and IPv4 options with native, dual-stack and
tunneling capability. Peering established at all leading IPv6 Internet
> Internet Multicast capability available
> Stringent performance guarantees on provisioning, on-net service
availability (uptime), packet delivery and latency
> 24x7 service management with technical support


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