In a world of “clouds” and shared infrastructure, sometimes dedicated and direct is what
is needed. Whether it is a pension fund manager eking out sub milliseconds to maximize a position on an algorithmic trade, a broadcaster sending HD video images from a global
sports event, or a scientist firing results of a groundbreaking experiment to super-computers half way around the world, dedicated point-to-point bandwidth plays an
important part in global telecoms.

Direct connectivity across terrestrial and subsea fiber networks, often with in-built “insurance” in the form of path protection and resilience, remains key to success in many industries.
International Private Leased Circuit from GCX is an enterprise-grade transmission service delivered to customer locations across GCX’s privately-owned and operated globalfiber-optic network. The service is available either on an unprotected basis with a single path across the network, or as a protected connection with resilience achieved through a back-up path over which customer traffic is automatically rerouted in the event of an interruption to the primary path.
Delivered as a point-to-point circuit, at speeds ranging from 2 Mbps up to 2.5 Gbps,
International Private Leased Circuit provides enterprises with a secure and reliable
connectivity to customer premises for the delivery of all customer applications, including
voice, data, video and Internet.

International Private Leased Circuit is provided as a fully-managed, end-to-end dedicated circuit. Full-circuits are delivered as standard, though in some regulated markets only half-channel circuits are available.

> Dedicated layer 1 point-to-point connectivity
> Connectivity between customer locations using local access circuits
connecting into GCX’s global network
> Seamless extension into 200 cities and in India
> Delivered as full circuit (standard subject to availability) or half circuit (where regulatory constraints exist)
> Unprotected (single path) and protected (dual, diverse) options available (protection available on selected routes)
> Transport based upon SDH and DWDM technology, capable of transporting SONET signals
> Channelized 2Mbps, 45Mbps, 155Mbps bandwidth as standard with
2.5 Gbps available on some routes
> Support for a range of standard electrical (G.703) and optical (G.957)
interfaces and physical connectors
> Service availability and Service delivery SLAs
> Standard contract term beginning at 12 months


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