MPLS VPN services offer reliable, easy to deploy, cost-effective and seamless enterprise
WAN communications for the agile world. Built on the world’s largest privately owned
undersea cable network, GCX offers high performance, scalable WAN connectivity to
Enterprises that run critical business applications globally.

MPLS VPN provides secure, any-to-any connectivity between global sites, reducing lead
times & resolving configuration issues involved in conventional point-to-point WAN
connectivity. The service offers enterprises the flexibility to scale bandwidth at a site, add
new sites and new applications, and to meet business challenges anywhere in the world.

Class of Services (CoS) feature enables a converged platform for data, voice and video traffic
that offers preferential treatment to high priority traffic such as ERP applications, voice and
video vis-à-vis best effort traffic such as emails.

> Scalability: Allows new sites and applications to be added quickly and easily
regardless of location or geography, with additional services available to provide
rapid deployment and connectivity
> Stringent SLAs support: Service level guarantees offered on network performance
> Security: Customer traffic carried over GCX Private network backbone with the
inherent network-based security of MPLS VPN
> Robust and Reliable Service: High performance WAN that enables seamless
connectivity between sites running business critical applications anywhere in
the world, backed by extensive SLAs to guarantee performance
> Presence: Connectivity options to over 160 countries in both the developed and
developing world with a variety of access methods available, meaning there is the
right connectivity option for all location types anywhere
> Low Total Cost of Ownership:
Cost-effective services with wide choice of access media – Leased line, Ethernet, xDSL
and wireless connectivity options as well as a choice of MPLS or “Hybrid” Internet VPN,
meaning connectivity can be matched to site criticality and budget
> Full MPLS VPN coverage to major global destinations in 160 countries through GCX owned and partner networks, with direct reach through 90+ owned
global IP POPs
> Highly resilient, scalable, and self-healing global IP network,overlay on own cable systems plus third-party subsea and terrestrial capacities
> Build-in transport and equipment level diversity for improved
performance and extended reach
> Variety of access methods and technologies available including
Ethernet (fiber & copper), SDH,xDSL, wireless, G/G
> Fully QoS enabled network with MPLS traffic engineering for
efficient ‘routing’
> Optimally designed to meet stringent performance, service availability, security and scalability criteria of large carriers, content providers and enterprises for mission critical service requirements


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