Capacity Services

Big Data and the Internet of Things are here and are driving insatiable demand for network capacity. As new markets and “eyeballs” become interconnected, telecoms service providers and Over The Top content providers need to build bigger, broader and faster networks.

Big Data and the Internet of Things mean new opportunities and new challenges. Wholesale network extension, especially into regulated or emerging markets is a capital intensive and strategically complex issue for telecoms operators while for most Over The Top content providers it is simply a non-starter, even if the demand to access far flung data centers and Internet Exchange Points is overwhelming and strategically critical. Local telecoms operating and regulatory conditions vary significantly across markets globally, often acting as a barrier to providers who do not have local resources or deep experience of operating in these locations, or the partner relationships to succeed.

Capacity Service  is a wholesale transmission service delivered exclusively from any transmission node across GCX’s privately-owned and operated global fiber-optic network. The service can be seamlessly extended to customer locations by integrating with local access networks, where required.

Delivered as an unprotected, point-to-point circuit, at speeds ranging from 2 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, Capacity Service is the natural choice for providers looking to manage their own traffic protection paths, with routes available globally from the US to Europe, the Middle-East to Asia.

And in the event the service needs to have a protected path added, there is a straightforward upgrade path to GCX’s Managed Bandwidth Service.
Capacity Service is provided as a fully-managed, end-to-end dedicated circuit. Full-circuits are delivered as standard though in some regulated markets only half-channel circuits are permitted.


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