clouds based secure web Gateway

In today’s world, corporate networks no longer have fixed security perimeters. Users are no longer
confined to static locations using single corporate-issued devices, instead becoming more nomadic,
made possible by flexible “Bring Your Own Device” policies. Enterprise data is becoming increasingly
dispersed and uncontained as Software as a Service uptake grows inexorably.

“The Cloud” is driving a new approach to Internet security.

Traditional appliance-based security solutions are capex-intensive and lead to bottlenecks as traffic is
backhauled across the corporate network to centralised security gateways. Worse still, appliances
have become blind to the majority of today’s Internet activity


>Reduce security costs with no equipment to buy, deploy & manage,and no need to backhaul Internet traffic to central corporate gateway
> Maximise security protection
regardless of user location with Advanced Persistent Threat protection available from the
world’s largest security cloud.
> Manage business risk with tools providing real-time visibility anywhere, anytime -across location, applications and devices
> Improve the performance and scalability of your security protection as centralized
appliance-based gateways no longer form network bottlenecks.
> Enhance user experience while maintaining a strong security perimeter as policy enforcement happens locally for roaming users.
> Full integration with your GCX network provides turnkey solutions
and an end-to-end 24x7 service backed by SLAs.


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