Large global organizations and government agencies with complex networks are all seeking
a reliable security partner for the monitoring and management of their security infrastructure
and to protect their network and its connection points against the latest vulnerabilities.

X-Shield, a Managed Security service offering from Global Cloud Xchange, helps
organizations secure corporate data and intellectual property from external threats and
network attacks by providing a strong protective layer, that lets you reduce your security
costs and focus on your core business.

Our service offerings range from a simple firewall at remote locations, to complex,
multi-layer and high availability set-ups in Data Centers and Core network locations and is
designed for Enterprises that may be located at a single site or spread over multiple
locations around the world.

GCX has partnered with industry leaders in Information Security such as Dell SecureWorks,
Verizon CyberTrust, and others, that provide Network Security and Managed Security
Services to Enterprises, to offer advanced Security Services to its customers


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