CloudSSL is a SSL distribution service designed specifically for providers of cloud-based services, such as CDNs, VDNs, eCommerce platforms, website builders, and other XaaS, that need to secure services or communications for many customers.

With CloudSSL, service providers can build SSL into their existing offerings and make security easy for their customers, eliminating the need for customers to understand and manage SSL Certificates themselves. Certificate provisioning and management can be automated to reduce the burden on providers’ internal support teams.
How CloudSSL Works

CloudSSL Certificates are issued to the service provider at the Organization Validated (OV) level. Customer domains can then be added as Domain Validated (DV) SANs after domain control is verified. This set up means providers can secure multiple domains with one certificate, which may reduce the need for additional IP addresses.

Using a SAN licensing model, each certificate can accommodate up to 500 SANs. Providers can dynamically add and remove domains via APIs and if a SAN is removed, the license can be re-used for another domain without incurring any additional costs. Once a domain has been vetted, additional sub-domains can be added without additional domain validation. Support for Wildcards offers further flexibility.


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