Managed MPLS VPN

Managed MPLS VPN from Global Cloud Xchange offers reliable and seamless enterprise WAN communications for the agile world based on industry leading hybrid MPLS overlay network architecture.

As you would expect, Managed MPLS VPN provides secure, any-to-any connectivity on a global scale while at the same time offering local and regional innovation and cost-efficiency. Choice andflexibility means bandwidth can be scaled efficiently sites with minimal service interruption, while new sites and new applications can be added seamlessly to meet every enterprise’s business challenges. Class of Services (CoS) feature provide a converged platform for data, voice and video traffic that offers preferential treatment to high priority traffic such as ERP applications, voice and
video over less time-sensitive best effort traffic such as email.

Delivered as a fully-managed service, including circuit and CPE installation, pro-active monitoring,24x7 on-site and remote support, fault management and comprehensive reporting, ManagedMPLS VPN provides high performance and scalable connectivity to meet critical enterprise networking needs, thereby enabling enterprises to place greater emphasis on their core business in addition to optimizing their costs.


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