Managed WIFI

Managed Wi-Fi is highly reliable and ready-to-go wireless service with plethora of features
to improve enterprise workforce performance a nd greater visitors’ engagement. With feature
rich offering, Managed Wi-Fi helps in enhancing business productivity and customer satisfaction
with convenience of wireless.
With powerful and intuitive centralized management on Cloud based dashboard, Managed Wi-Fi
provides enhanced control and security through policies control for guest access sign-in, content
filtering, bandwidth and time limit control. Advanced Presence Analytics features in Managed
Wi-Fi allow customers to gain greater consumer insights through foot traffic analysis by time of
day, new and repeat visits, and dwell times across all sites.
Managed Wi-Fi comes with comprehensive suite of services to include design, installation,
configuration, proactive monitoring and x tech support. Service provides customers with
central and secure management of their wireless service and devices to help them accelerate
performance without draining internal resources and exposure to security risks.

> Greater Scalability with Quicker deployment
• Deploy in hours not in days – Zero-touch configuration, enabling rapid networks deployment
• Highly Manageable solution that supports small branch sites to large distributed networks with harsh indoor and outdoor
> Best-in-Class Guest/User Experience through Flexible Guest Access policies and option of providing customer’s Facebook page as the splash page
> Increased Brand Visibility – Enhanced Business visibility through customized splash pages and encouraging users to ‘check-in’ and ‘like’ customer’s Facebook Page
> In-depth Consumers insights through Analytics features: Real Time analysis of foot traffic by time of day, new or repeat visits helps to improve customer engagement and loyalty
> Enhanced control and security for ease of BYOD Management: Seamless Mobile Device management solution for setting access policies, security settings, and deploying enterprise applications
> Highly Cost-effective service: Lower overall initial and operations costs with cloud based platform through elimination of fees associated with
hardware, and maintenance of on-site controllers
> Managed Wi-Fi Dashboard: Web based Central administration of network, equipment, applications and users with proactive monitoring , optimization and reporting tools
> Advanced Security tools: Greater protection and control with application firewalls, Encryption & Authentication, Network Access Control, Content Filtering, WIDS/WIPS, Traffic Shaping
> Out-of-box Analytics Platform: Useful consumer behavior insights through Presence Analytics, Customized Metrics and Graphs,Real-time API integration
> Secure Guest Access and Branding: Guest sign-on with different levels of Access policies, Bandwidth and Time limit controls. Customized splash sign-on helps in reinforcing brand
> BYOD for Enterprises: Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides
enhanced control and scalability with over-the-air centralized
management, diagnostics, and monitoring
> Standard Wireless Access Points – Cisco Meraki devices with enterprise-class 802.11ac and 802.11n, enhanced radio performance in high density indoor and outdoor conditions
> Management and Support options
• Access Point supply, installation and maintenance,
• Fault Management through24/7 Helpdesk
• Service Monitoring and Change Management


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